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Butterflies add enchantment and wonder to any event and create memories treasured for a lifetime. (Here are some customer stories.) Flutterby Gardens creates magical moments with uniquely designed butterfly release cages, butterfly centerpieces, butterfly release envelopes and butterfly gifts.
Whether a wedding, school celebration or biology class, family or business anniversary, funeral, christening, baby-naming, store opening, first communion, memorial service, new product introduction -- any event where you want spirits and visions to rise to great heights -- butterfly releases add life and emotion to your memories.

Butterflies in stock. Contact Flutterby Gardens to find out how many butterflies we have in stock and can ship, today, at 941-807-2416.

We guarantee we ship live, healthy butterflies that are ready to fly at your event.

Please Note: We raise Eastern Monarchs, but they canNOT be shipped to the west side
of the Continental Divide. We raise other species that can be shipped to those states.
This Chart explains government permissions on shipping live butterflies.

Mixed Butterflies
Giant Swallowtail
Painted Lady Mix 
Painted Lady
12 - 49     $7.50 EACH  $8.00 EACH $6.00 EACH
50 - 99     $7.00 EACH $7.50 EACH $5.50 EACH
100                $675.00 $725.00 $475.00
200              $1300.00 $1400.00 $900.00
  • There are times when butterflies are needed on short notice - especially for memorials and funerlas.  Please call us and we will take orders up to the last minute whenever possible.  We welcome reservations up to a year in advance of your event.  When you place your order in advance you are guaranateed that your butterflies will be available.  Se we encourage you to place your order as soon as possible.  There are times in peak season when we do sell out and so we ask that you place an order 6 weeks in advance when possible.  Call us at 941-807-2416 just to be sure that we are able to get the butterflies to you the next day.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order.  The balance is billed prior to shipping. 


For last-minute orders, call 941-807-2416!

We offer special-event butterfly releases, tabletop displays, and personal mementos. Send each guest home with their very own Flutterby Baby favor! Or, have an 'interactive release', where each guest is provided with their own butterfly in a custom envelope to participate in the release at a predetermined moment. For complete details on planning and enjoying your butterfly release event, click here.

As a special part of home enjoyment, you can bring a myriad of butterflies into your own daily life. Or as a featured display at a special occasion with family, friends, co-workers or other guests, Butterfly Releases guarantee your special event will become unforgettable!


If you want to enjoy gorgeous butterflies in your own garden, contact us about our Garden Design Services. Our experienced staff members can create a unique and beautiful haven, sure to attract a multitude of stunning butterflies to your Butterfly Garden. We consult with each client individually, to design and implement a truly unique butterfly garden, using plants and flowers which attract indigenous butterflies.

To learn why it's okay to release butterflies, click here.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, so that we can make sure that you will be delighted!

For a treat, visit our Butterfly Shop Online for the learning experience or for beautiful, unique gift items you can purchase online. All items are shipped directly to you, fresh as a butterfly. Our butterflies arrive alive and on time. We guarantee it.

If you would like information or assistance of a detailed nature, or if you are just starting off in butterfly breeding, we do offer internships.  It's truly "hands on" and will provide you with a proven method of raising healthy Monarch butterflies as well as other species.  Just call 941-807-2416 or email us with your desired visit time.


Click here for a map to our location.

Color your world with the beauty and magic of butterflies!


You will receive the tracking number from Fed Ex the day we ship your order and it will indicate the anticipated delivery time.  You must be present to receive the package when it is delivered.  We will not be responsible for mishandling of the package after receipt or liable for packages that are left outside because the recipient was not available for delivery.  We have been shipping butterflies with a 100% success rate since 2001.  If for some reason you feel there is a problem with your shipment, you need to CALL 941-807-2416 IMMEDIATELY.  Weather can cause shipping delays and sometimes mistakes are made.  We cannot assume liabillity or make refunds based on the shipper's services.  WE MUST BE NOTIFIED THE MINUTE A PACKAGE IS LATE TO ASSIST YOU IN GETTING IT DELIVERED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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