School Butterfly Release School Butterfly Release School Butterfly Release

Special Events by Flutterby Gardens bring the beauty and magic of butterflies into your life.

Butterfly from FlutterbyGardens.comAs a special part of home enjoyment, you can bring a myriad of butterflies into your own daily life. Or as a featured display at a special occasion with family, friends, co-workers or other guests, Butterfly Releases guarantee your special event will become unforgettable!


Butterfly Cottage from FlutterbyGardens.comFlutterby offers unique Butterfly Releases, which are guaranteed to make any special occasion unforgettable! Pricing for release packages and handler's fees are custom prepared for your particular event. For any get-together, choose an environmentally friendly alternative to confetti, rice and balloons — and something that will last in your guests' memories for a lifetime! With Flutterby Gardens, the only limits are your imagination for events such as

We offer special-event releases, tabletop displays, and personal mementos. Send each guest home with their very own Flutterby Baby favor! Or, have an 'interactive release', where each guest is provided with their own butterfly in a custom release envelope to participate in the release at a predetermined moment. For complete details on planning and enjoying your butterfly release event, click here.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, pricing and to get information about raising and enjoying your own butterflies.

And please visit our Butterfly Shop for beautiful gift items you can purchase online. All items are shipped direct to you.

Color your world with the beauty and magic of butterflies!

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